Place a Proxy Bid

Proxy bids are a great alternative if you want to bid on two items being sold around the same time, or you need to bid from a remote location without reliable internet access.

  1. Register to bid at the auction site

    Registration opens a few days before the auction. You will need to present photo ID (e.g. your dealers book, identity card, passport or driver's license); you may need to place a refundable bid deposit of Y 500.000.

  2. Place your bid in person or by phone

    You can place a proxy bid as soon as the auction has gone to catalog – usually two to five days before the auction – or on auction day. Complete and return the proxy bid form in person or electronically.

    Please note: the minimum proxy bid we will accept by phone is 1,000,000 Yen in Japan.

  3. We will bid for you

    We bid on your behalf, up to and including the maximum amount you specify. Your purchase will be obtained at the lowest bid possible.

  4. Find out if you're the highest bidder

    If your bid is the highest bid when the auctioneer says "sold!" the item will be sold to you. (Note: Items will be sold, pending approval of selling price by the consignor). If you placed your proxy bid by phone, we will contact you by phone to advise you of the selling price. If you're at the auction site, visit or call the registration counter and we will tell you if you were the highest bidder.

  5. Pay and collect your purchases

    After the auction you will receive an invoice by email or at the registration counter. When your invoice is paid in full, you can collect your purchases and put them to work!

  6. Ready to participate in the auction?