Guidelines for Exporting from Narita, Japan

The following guide is about how to export the equipment from our yard at Narita, Japan auction site. For more information, please contact our auction site by:


Japan Customs guide to Consumption Tax Exemption

1. Begin by contacting a Customs Broker as well as a Freight Forwarder to learn about the process and to get advice on how to transport your equipment from our location.

2. Buy the equipment that you need at the JSA. auction.

3. Hire a Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker from the recommended list below for all your transportation needs.

4. Provide JSA. with export information as well as the names of the companies that will be taking care of transporting your equipment.

5. Please provide to JSA. auction site the original export documents including

  • Bill of Lading-must specify lot numbers and serial numbers
  • Export Certificate of Customs

All export documents must state JSA as the shipper of record for tax exemption.

Please take note that once the equipment is sold on auction day, it is the responsibility of the buyer.